Poetry Corner: Reality, life, and the world we live in

Daily Sundial

Four Lives

By Sam Richard

Katrina left a state of chaos long ago

She grew up fast not knowing where

she was going;

Chose the wrong path and hurt several people

in the process

There was another woman named Rita,

unbeknownst to Katrina,

But Katrina met with Rita for the first time and they had a conversation

They talked about a man they knew named Andrew,

And a girl they heard of named Ophelia

Come to find out, they discovered

they all had affected thousands of lives

The people they’ve affected changed for the worst and the better

But those people they’ve affected will rise up

and become stronger


By Mona Karaguozian

When I meet reality

I’ll stop and say hello,

I’ll greet him with a smile that day,

Then turn from him and go

I’ll walk away with style, and

Leave my trail of grace,

I’ll be content with who I am,

I’ll be proud to show my face.

I’ll leave him my confusion

And gain a different mind,

A clear perspective of my life,

To the world no longer blind.

A Statement, I Swear

By Jonathan Kirzner

I have a beard

A sign that I’m wise

It indicates worth

It’s not a disguise

Not shaggy nor scruffy

Not messy nor fluffy

Not hairy, overgrown nor ungroomed

Not ugly nor silly

Not weighed down nor frilly

Not covered, decorated, festooned

To a kisser it scratches

To my food it attaches

Not disheveled, unkempt, nor misguided

It makes me dignified

(Even if self-identified)

Reactions are mixed and divided

Not lazy, uncleanly

No lack of hygiene

I grow it on purpose

I know what I mean

Out of fashion perhaps

I don’t shave, I relax

No Norelco, Gillette, nor Mach 5

You say it’s thick

“Use the dam Bic”

To our values we each of us strive

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