CSUN USU board of directors seats up for grabs


University Student Union, Inc. (USU) is a non-profit organization on CSUN’s campus that administers and maintains programs such as Matador Nights, campus facilities and businesses. Five students are running for positions on the USU board of directors.

According to documents released by the USU, its board approved and presided over a $7 million budget in 2010-2011 and will work with a $10 million budget for the 2011-2012 academic year, increasing sharply due to the opening of the student recreation center.

Its board of directors is comprised of six administrative and faculty positions, eight student representatives and student-held chair and co-chair positions.

Members of the board meet monthly to discuss campus affairs in their jurisdiction and vote on financial and space allocations, with students receiving a stipend in exchange for their participation.

Most recently, the board of directors voted down a measure that would have allowed USU student employees to participate in a retirement fund matching program and consistently hear updates regarding the new student recreation center, granting them to the ability to ask budgetary and logistical questions of the project’s directors.  The USU board will vote on the creation of an LGBT resource center, veterans resource center and a bicycle co-op within the coming months.

USU maintains the Plaza del Sol and all businesses within the mall.  Included in their jurisdiction is the A.S. Ticket Office, which provides discount admission to local amusement parks and free tickets to sponsored activities on campus such as the fitness center and games room. It has also directly overseen the creation of the new campus recreation center.