Celebrate Earth Day with an upcycle

Aimee Lastrella

Like my necklace? Like today’s issue?

Too bad we aren’t printed on recycled paper. Ironic isn’t it? How the world can be so green forward and preach about green initiatives, but those who preach don’t practice them. But today’s CSUN Footprint entry isn’t about another guilt trip. but rather a different trip. Today’s entry is a trip down memory road to a previous entry I wrote last semester about an upcycle and D.I.Y project, known as DIY: Female upcycle. (Hey we’re recycling entries, haha!)

In the entry we give instructions, a material list and even featured Your Daily Thread’s instructional video. I made another one recently and it took a photo of it above. So ladies, go green and make you’re next spring/summer accessory an upcycled one.