Find jobs, keep track of your IOU’s, get donations, and be notified when the item you want gets cheaper!!!

Jacky Guerrero

OK, so I know it has been forever since I last wrote a post. But, I will make it up to you!

Here are some awesome websites that you will find VERY useful!

  • Job Compass: This helps you find job listings around your area. All you need to do is insert the job field you want, your zip code and the mile radius you want to your job search to be in. You can even check it on your iPhone while you’re on the street searching what is near you.

  • De-Bee: This website is GREAT if your living with roommates and you need to divide bills. This keeps track of who owes who so no one forgets to pay their IOU’s!

  • Smarty Pig: is a savings account website that allows you to set goals on what you are saving for. You can also invite friends and family to view what your goals are also allowing them to contribute to you’re cause!

  • Price Protectr: If you want to buy something but want to wait until the price goes down, here is that website that will alert you! Some of the stores they track are Amazon, Best Buy, and The Apple Store.

Hopefully now you will have other ways of finding a job, keep track of who owes you, save some money and get donations and find cheap deals! Enjoy.