Would you go into the wild?

Kristin Hugo

Nature is a beautiful place to escape the pressures of urban life, and many of us sometimes feel that we just want to drop everything and live in the wilderness. Christopher McCandles, subject of the book and movie Into the Wild did just that. He gave up on earthly possessions and adventured up to Alaska by hiking, hitchhiking and canoeing.

Living off the grid is a very sustainable solution when you hunt for and grow your own meat. McCandles lived in an abandoned bus in Alaska and bought nothing, contributing nearly nothing to waste or carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. He traveled by foot and foraged for native foods.

McCandles made notable mistakes on his journey. He was hardly prepared and didn’t use a map for much of it. He went the wrong direction and ended up in Mexico and burned his money in an act of resisting human currency. While in Alaska he died, although it is arguable how this happened. His quest to survive by himself without human luxuries seems a little like a failure.

Although I think that his rash decision to leave civilization without preparing was foolhardy, I admire his bravery. How many people can I say I know who have made such a commitment to following their dream? How many people have such adventures with their time on earth?

Of course the best idea is to both be prepared and bold enough to go for what you want. McCandles could have had a full life of exploring nature, and preparation would have made that a lot easier. The same goes for anyone else, but most of us are held back by our fear. What risk would you take to follow your dream?

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