CSUN students protest budget cuts

Elano Pizzicarola

Sophomore Dadale Horn, 20, marches through campus. “My passion comes from having diligence, confidence and change,” he said. Photo Credit: Elano Pizzicarola / Staff Reporter

Twenty to 30 CSUN students protested budget cuts by using theatrics to promote their message Wednesday afternoon.

They stopped in the Marketplace at Sierra Center, in front of the Oviatt library, and the USU before finally concluding outside the bookstore. The group performed demonstrations with each member taking their turn to reveal to onlookers how the budget cuts have derailed their life.

Monica Turner, a lecturer in the Pan African studies department, led the march that involved her students in her Fundamentals of Public Speaking class.

The students said they face financial obstacles that could jeopardize their education.

“Many of our students are from working class backgrounds and are working several jobs,” Turner said.

The professor recalled 2009, when some of her students said they were considering dropping out of school.

But not all participants said they were suffering the effects of budget cuts. Freshman Lacey Weil, music industry major, said she’s more well off than her fellow protesters.

“I see people and I see how hard they work and it’s not fair what’s happening,” Weil said.

The 19-year-old said that she scarified studying for finals, one that takes place the next day.

“In the long run, you have to think about what is more valuable,” Weil said.

The biggest challenge Turner faced was convincing her students the goal is to convey the message rather than hope for a material result.

“I don’t go for predictability outcomes. It’s about engaging students,” she said.

They aimed to “bring public speaking into a real word context.”