CSUN USU organizes event to make finals less stressful

Jeff Ishuninov

To help students study and suffer less stress  before final exams, the University Student Union (USU) is hosting Up All Night, which began Sunday and goes through Thursday.

Up All Night is set up in the (USU) for finals week. Anyone who attends will be able to use study rooms, enjoy free snacks and massages, and receive a study kit. There will also be fun activities and areas to unwind with fellow students during quick brakes from books and notes.

Shanell Tyus, who works as the manager of USU events, said this event has a long history on campus. Funds are provided by the USU through student fees.

“Up All Night is set up in collaboration with Residence Hall Association and they will be serving pizza on Sunday,” Tyus said. “One thousand to 1,500 study kits will be given away to students who attend the event.”

Freshman Andrea Vega, Apparel Design and Merchansiding major, attended Up All Night during Fall 2010 finals week.

“It was fun and different, after some studying I was able to get a massage and eat some snacks,” Vega said. “Students during their breaks were watching TV and just talking to others. I got a little study kit with scantron, pen, pencil and a blue book for essay questions.”

Some students find it harder to study in groups or events like Up All Night. Luis Santiago, an Environmental & Occupational Health senior prefers to study alone.

“I think it is harder to concentrate when there are people around, you can get distracted easily. I usually study in a library by myself, it’s very quiet there and this way it is easier for me to get ready,” Santiago said.

Since there is no certain formula to get straight A’s and not stress out at the same time, Up All Night might be an alternative way for some students to get ready for last week of the semester.