CSUN’s Matador Involvement Center: Helping students get involved

CSUNs Matador Involvement Center: Helping students get involved

Jeanice Obregon

With over 270 clubs and organizations for students to join, CSUN has to have something for everyone, right? The problem might simply be choosing one club or not knowing what the campus has to offer. The Matador Involvement Center located in the University Student Union at the Sol Center is there to help. The Matador Involvement Center takes the initiative for students interested in getting involved and helps them figure out what club or service would best suit them. The Matador Involvement Center helps students get resources and references to joining clubs, organizations, volunteer groups, fraternities and sororities. The staff offers advice as well as directories to the various organizations on campus.

Augie Garibay, activities coordinator of clubs and organizations for the Matador Involvement Center has been working at CSUN for four years and believes in the ability the center has to help enrich students lives in many ways. Garibay points out that a lot of students don’t get involved with the campus because they have other commitments, like full time jobs or a full time school schedule, but the Matador Involvement Center is the perfect place to help sort those obstacles out and figure out what works for the student. “Understanding those factors that influences a student not to get involved is the reason why they should come into our office so we can talk about those real issues and figure out a solution around it,” says Garibay. “As a new student to campus, we hope to give a sense of welcoming as soon as they walk through the doors of the office,” says Garibay. “I think what we try to do is listen to the students in terms of interests and skills and even passions. And once we figure out that the student does have a passion, it’s easy to point them in the way of different organizations.”