Get published in the Daily Sundial

Kristin Hugo

This is the semester you get published.
Imagine when your article gets accepted. Your words go to print, being reproduced 6,000 times. Your words, your opinions, your interviews, your story, your name are put online and into 6,000 papers. Papers that are distributed at 40 locations across campus, picked up, left in classrooms, stuffed into backpacks, read, and discussed. Maybe you’ll even hear a whisper in the quad about that radical piece, and how could the paper publish that, and whoever wrote that really has balls. Now everyone who’s ever argued with you is just an argumentative idiot, but you…you’re a published idiot.
Four days a week, the Daily Sundial publishes opinions of the CSUN community. We publish articles on hard debates in politics, CSUN campus issues, social quandries, cartoons, photos, graphs…there’s no limit. It wouldn’t be beyond us to even print an article about why dinosaurs are awesome; in short, write whatever you think is worth writing and we’ll take a look at it. As the opinions editor, I want to see big, different, but fair, pieces.
There are a number of parameters about things I’ll publish. Anything that is not true is not journalism, so don’t bother writing any of that. Blatant harassment and derogatory articles won’t make the cut. Show us something personal, your strange story, your heterodoxical idea, your new solution. Online we are not liable for the content of the comments, but we do moderate spam, comments that threaten or encourage violence, are indecent or libelous, or misrepresentation. See our comment policy online for a full explanation. If your piece is up to caliber, well researched and with an expert interview, we might find a place to put it in the paper.
We are accepting articles in every section. For opinion, send me an e-mail (listed below.) You can also contact us on our facebook and twitter. Maybe you just want to take a picture, or maybe you will become a regular at the campus paper. Comment, interact, make a change, and I’ll see you in the paper.

Kristin Hugo
Opinions Editor