Preview of freshman convocation, matador statue at Associated Students

Ivette Lopez

Associated Student plans to make new matadors feel welcome at this Thursday’s freshman convocation and the unveiling of the new matador statue.

“It’s their symbolic journey into becoming a matador,” said university advisor Tom Piernik.

The convocation will welcome the freshman class Thursday night at the Oviatt library with keynote speaker Jeannette Walls, author of The Glass Castle.

The matador statue will also be unveiled to the public at the event. Piernik emphasized on the symbolic role of the statue both to the incoming class as well as all other continuing students.

“Think of the role of public art, its meant to inspire you personally,” said Piernik.

To the Senate, the convocation and the matador unveiling is a unifying element at CSUN that will induce school spirit and reflection.

“This is a way that we can convey what it means to be a matador,” said Piernik.

The statue will be a non-violent image of a matador and a bull, meant to represent the struggle, respect and pride the matador has in professing his art. Piernik hopes that students use this message during their studies at CSUN.

Leadership is still top priority for the student senators that must take the new freshmen under their wing and give them the security to begin their academic endeavors.

“You open the door for first year students to get involved with A.S.,” said faculty advisor Vera Ward. “Encourage your first year students to use office hours and the A.S. senate.”