Monday Night Football preview

A.J. Circhirillo

The Pub on campus is hosting its third Monday Night Football event, offering students $2 off drink specials and a free raffle with the chance to win shirts, hats and other prizes, all season.

“I was a former CSUN student, so I know the benefit of having a place to go and relax,” said Alberto Villaseñor.

The pub keeps the kitchen and bar open until 9 p.m. and doesn’t close until the game is over.

“For people who are on campus that live far away, it’s something to do away from the dorm other than watching the game on a small TV,” said Raymond Bruce, a sophomore biology student at CSUN.

Villaseñor said that the turnout generally depends on the team, with fans coming from all different places around the country to go to school here.

Villaseñor has never seen any fights or disputes in the bar, however there is banter between teams, making it more enjoyable to watch the game.

The Pub will host the game every Monday night of the season and encourages students to come out and take advantage of the big screen televisions, fun environment, and promotions.