Craft Corner offers CSUN students chance to tap creative side

Brandon Hensley

Students can turn back the clock, conjure memories of kindergarten or grade school and simply be a kid again, at Craft Corner every Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the USU.

“I think sometimes we forget the little things — especially being in college and being stressed out all the time — that the little things in life are fun and they mean a lot,” said Ayo Kether-Maat, a business assistant for the USU events department.

Event coordinator Jessica Chang, a recreation studies major,  said she plans a theme for each week, including an International Day of Peace.

“We do research online, we find (themes),” she said. “We’ll also mark important times, like breast cancer month, or try and bring new crafts that are fun for the students.”

It makes people aware of events and gives the crafts a cause, Kether-Maat said.

“The essence of the Craft Corner is to be creative, because we don’t always have that outlet,” Chang said.