USU sponsors overseas studies

A.J. Circhirillo

Students can learn about CSUN’s study abroad program, dine on international foods and obsrve  photographs taken by students during Wednesday’s USU-sponsored Annual Study Abroad Fair in the Northridge center.

“The most important thing is that students sign up for an information session with me,” said Juliet Aylmer, event coordinator.

CSUN’s study abroad program has run for about 25 years, Alymer said, and she has been heading the operation for the last four.

Representatives from all over the country that offer shorter overseas study opportunities will be there, giving students other options that the CSU overseas study program that lasts a full year according to Aylmer.

CSU programs will give students the option to apply for financial aid and scholarships that can be used to pay for their studies, Aylmer said.

“There’s money out there,” she said.  “Students always say that they’ll never get it, the truth is that if you don’t apply for it, you won’t get it.”

Aylmer created small booklets in the shape of passports to give a sample of information and resources about studying abroad.

“They’ve been going like hotcakes,” said Aylmer. ” I had three thousand printed and they went during orientation, had six thousand more printed, they are quite cute.”