Middle Eastern and Islamic studies program host curriculum meeting

Ron Rokhy

CSUN’s Middle Eastern and Islamic studies (MEIS) program is hosting the second part of its symposium Tuesday at 2 p.m.

MEIS hopes to learn from experts and scholars from other universities that are speaking at the event with the intention of adding to their curriculum.

“Listening to what the scholars have to say will help us develop our curriculum,” said Nayareh Tohidi, CSUN professor of gender and women’s studies, “They will help us enrich the courses we’ve already developed for the minor.”

The proposed minor should be approved by fall 2012, and will offer courses in Middle Eastern languages, history, gender studies, sociology, political science and religion.

Tohidi said the addition of this minor would educate the student body about the Middle East and break stereotypes surrounding its culture and religion, Islam.

The event is invite only and organizers hope to have interesting conversations between audience members and speakers.

“We only expect about 50 people,” Tohidi said. “We made it invite only to have engaging dialogues between scholars and audience members.”