Fashion industry symposium to offer real-world insight to success

Kristina Sanborn

Fashion industry front-runners will be passing along knowledge on their competitive field to the CSUN community during the TRENDS Career Symposium on Friday from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Grand Salon.

TRENDS, a student organization focused on all things fashion, offer its members opportunities to network and acquire experience and expertise on the ins and outs of the fashion business. The symposium is one of the group’s annual events that provide a real-world connection to fashion students and their potential careers. They also hold weekly meetings on Tuesday afternoons where they continue to arrange opportunities for students to expand their fashion enterprises.

“We’re all students with different interests in the industry,” said Charlotte Armstrong, TRENDS vice president.

Armstrong said the three hour symposium will feature a range of guest speakers, including Marc Perez, human resource director at Saks Fifth Avenue, Dr. Vera Bruce Ashley, fashion advisor at El Camino College, and fashion designer Evelin Skoroff. Each speaker will address students about their career options and how to break into the various fields in the business.

Previous symposiums have provided opportunities for fashion students to network and apply for jobs and internships within the industry. There may also be a special surprise guest this year, according to Armstrong, .

“We are opening up to so many different people and anyone can come,” Armstrong said.

Anyone in the CSUN community is encouraged to attend, regardless of their fashion experience.