Students share their studying strategies

Rachel Costahaude

Finals season is upon us, and it’s time to finally take the cellophane off those textbooks and crack them open in preparation for caffeine-fueled all-nighters. But before hitting the books, fill your metaphorical tool belt with study tips to whip out and make study time more productive.

Don’t Cram
Procrastination tends to be most students’ worst enemy. Getting focused and organized makes a one’s workload much more manageable. Ramon Machuca, mechanical engineering major, said studying everyday, from class-to- class, throughout the semester reduces stress and helps him retain more information. Trying to cram a semester of information into one week will often prove to be counterproductive.

Study in groups
It has long been said that a person learns better if they teach the material they are studying. Study groups allow students to collaborate on questions they may have while better learning the information they do know. While group study can be a distraction, students in a responsible group can keep each other in check. If the professor gives a study guide, study groups also have the advantage of the divide-and-conquer method.

Take tests
As much as college students hate tests, a great way to study for a test is by taking more of them. Consistently testing a person’s knowledge not only affirms it but enhances it, according to the New York Times. Retaking tests given throughout the semester helps stay sharp.