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Men’s basketball: Braswell quotes from Thursday

Alonso Tacanga

Sports Editor

CSUN Head Coach Bobby Braswell spoke at a press conference Thursday at the university. These were some of his comments, followed by an interpretation:

– “The student athletes (Deon Tresvant and Dallas Rutherford) will be withheld from competition until these issues are further clarified.”

This means Tresvant and Rutherford will miss the next four games at the least, seeing how their court date is Jan. 26.

– “We will continue to support these young men throughout this process.”

Pretty self-explanatory. Everyone on the team is said to be on the two players’ side.

– “During the pendency of their legal matter, the students will continue to attend classes and other curricular activities.”

We will see these players around campus.

– “We are going to allow them to practice. The more we thought about it, what these guys need is support from their teammates. But they won’t be traveling with the team.”

We will see these players in uniform around The Matadome, just not on game days.

– “Any time you deal with the criminal system, things change. We don’t know where things are headed. We’re just going to let it play itself out.”

Until proven guilty, they can’t take drastic measures.

– “Right now, I’m ‘daddy,’ and I have to protect the privacy of my family.”

He won’t talk about family issues.

– (About why he didn’t bail out his son right away) “I fulfilled a promise I made to my kids. We (the Braswell’s) did what we felt was best four our family at that particular time.”

Seems like Braswell promised his children a long time ago that if they ever were arrested, they’d remain in jail for a number of days. That’s my guess. He wouldn’t specify on what he meant. He also said his son, Jeffrey, wasn’t surprised that his dad left him in jail. Jeffrey Braswell was arrested Jan. 3 and bailed out three days later.

– “The administration is why I’ve hanged around here for as long as I have. They’ve been very supportive. They understand that we work very hard here to do things the right way. I appreciate that support.”

CSUN is backing up Braswell. No one’s going to fire him.

– “There’s a process you go through when you go through any difficulty. It’s the three F’s: Faith, family and friends. Those close in our circle are praying for us and supporting us.”

Braswell said this when asked whether his relationship with his church had changed because of the incident.

– “I can’t worry about that. All I can do is live the life that I’ve tried to live and be the man I’ve tried to be. People are always going to have opinions, but I don’t worry about that. My concern is doing what’s right.”

Braswell said this when asked about what this incident might do to the way in which people view him, as the head coach at CSUN. He’s not going to quit.

– “Those things that don’t kill you only make you stronger.”

The thought of the day at practice for the Matadors, Braswell said.

– “I have some strong feelings about all of this, about the role that I play as a coach and as a father. Unfortunately, it’s not the right time to share them.”

Braswell is willing to talk about his personal thoughts, but will wait until the legal process gives a verdict.

Those quotes are the standouts from the 20-minute press conference. Starting forward Willie Galick also talked to reporters. His quotes are coming soon.

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