Registration for the SRC available online and across campus

Ashley Soley-Cerro

CSUN’s new Student Recreation Center is expected to welcome thousands of students who are anticipating its opening today, according to officials. With  a goal of 10,000 registered students before it opens, the center has already seen 4,500 students signed up for its services.

Recreation Director Aida Johnson said they have set a goal to try and have 10,000 students registered prior to the grand opening, though there is no specific consequence if the goal is not met. Many students have been registering early because they have heard about the SRC through their friends, Facebook, Twitter or the SRC website and they are excited to use the SRC as soon as it opens, she said.

“Based on feedback from other schools of similar size, we felt this target number of 10,000 would give us a great head start. Once the doors opened to the SRC, we would have a significant number of students already enrolled and ready to use the facility,” Johnson said.

Students can register by presenting a photo ID at any of the registration areas, which is currently at the Fitness Centre and at the University Student Union front desk, Johnson said.

CSUN students can register by logging into the SRC system using their Moodle login username and password. They follow through by filling out basic information, electronically signing the liability waivers and having their hand scanned into the system.