Court decision in CSUN six case postponed until Friday

Fredy Tlatenchi

The CSUN Six gathered outside of the San Fernando Courthouse Tuesday morning, some having once faced multiple charges ranging from assault to failure to disperse during a protest on March 4, 2010.

A trial took place Tuesday concerning the ongoing case of the five students who were arrested March of 2010 during a protest against educational budget cuts.

The court was to determine the dismissal of the case, but the defendants did not have the right paper work present at the time of trial.

One of the three case attorneys, Colleen Flynn, explained the pre-plea diversion that was made. The pre-plea diversion allows the court to decide whether to dismiss the case based on academic performances.

“If my clients graduate or stay in school and stay away from trouble then they should decide to dismiss the case,” Flynn explained.

The court requires school transcripts from the five students. A decision will be made this Friday.