Associated Students allocate money to the alcohol awareness event Ladder of Risk

Jessica Jewell

Associated Students approved funds of $2,050 to Pi Kappa Alpha for their event "Ladder of Risk," during Tuesday's meeting. The funds were approved after much debate between the senators. Michael Cheng / Daily Sundial

Associated Students allocated $2,050 to Pi Kappa Alpha for the alcohol awareness event “Ladder of Risk,” Tuesday. Tomorrow’s event was at risk of being cancelled if the fraternity was not able to acquire this last-minute funding.

The fraternity originally asked A.S. to grant them $2,600 for the first annual event.

Faculty Advisor Tom Piernik expressed that if the fraternity failed to receive financial assistance from A.S., the event overhead would average out to cost fraternity members roughly $40 each.

A member of the board moved to allocate $2,250 to the greek organization but the motion failed on the floor. Debate went back and forth as senators made cases for and against the fiscal issue.

“I’ll be writing a nice letter to the editor in chief at the Sundial to let him know you don’t care about funding an event against alcohol abuse,” President Amanda Flavin said.

Other senators expressed their thoughts on the circumstances surrounding the event.

“I feel we’ve been swayed to vote a certain way all year long… it’s bad planning, it happens. It’s happened to many clubs and orgs,” Senator Brande Hookfin said.

Senator Mellad Khoshnood expressed why he changed his mind to allocate the funds.

“This money can be used to save a life; it’s money well spent,” Khoshnood said.

Attorney General John Biltz spoke in an unusual gesture to the board, “Don’t be perpetrators of broken promises or have vendettas against certain clubs and organizations. Look at the big picture.”

The event organized by Pi Kappa Alpha President Mark Patterson and Greek Advisor Jamison Keller is open to anybody who would like to attend tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m. in the USU Grand Salon and features a keynote speaker.