CSUN Music plans a season worth experiencing

Taline Helwajian

Daily Sundial

Musical performances on campus are a great chance to explore part of what this school has to offer. Just a walking distance away from the Matador Bookstore is Cypress Hall, where buildings are alive with music. This spring semester, the CSUN Music Department will be putting on an array of concert series and special events that appeals to every audience.

Music is a part of our lives. These days purchasing music and attending live shows can be costly. Luckily, the Music Department offers aural entertainment at a minimal cost for students and faculty.

Beginning this week, there will be constant opportunities to catch CSUN students, faculty and guest artists performing on campus. Performances will consist of a variety of instruments and genres from guitars and pianos, to accapella choirs and steel drum bands.

“We have jazz bands, full symphony orchestra, wind symphonies and chamber music you wouldn’t believe,” said Guy Fabre, concert production coordinator.

Preparation for these events has been set in motion far in advance of the actual performance. Behind the scenes, Fabre and his crew are working hard preparing instruments and venues for the upcoming performances.

“Performances are illusions. What you see in front of the stage was so much work behind the scenes,” said Fabre. “I put in all my hours around concert time.”

The music department prides itself on presenting their performers and concerts as professional as any musical performance in an off-campus arena.

“We are held to a professional standard,” said Russell Stevens, junior music major.

Until one of these shows is personally experienced, it’s hard to imagine what to expect.

However, Fabre says audiences generally converse before the show in anticipation. The Music Recital Hall is warmly lit creating an inviting atmosphere and for the detail-oriented there aredetailed programs available. Fabre said someone is always available to answer questions you might have at the shows

The hall provides an intimate setting for musical performances.

“You are basically in the audience’s lap,” said Stevens.

The Music Recital Hall holds 185 people, this allows for a possible personal connection with the performers unavailable in larger looming forums.

“College is a time you get to grow and change, and do different things. My hope for the CSUN students is to reach out and experience something new, something exciting,” said Mary Reale, public relations representative for the Music Department.

Every semester the Music Department and the Theatre Department team up for an operatic presentation. This semester, the German fairy tale “Hansel ‘ Gretel” will come to life at the Campus Theatre.

“We supply instruments, they (Theatre Department) design and build the sets. It’s kind of like a wedding, instead of family and friends, you have professionals to deal with,” said Fabre.

Operatic performances of “Hansel and Gretel” begin in March.

In late February, there also will be a special presentation of “Art Songs of the World” including art songs from Armenia, Japan, France, Austria and America.

“There is something for everybody,” said Stevens.

Tickets for most shows are sold for five dollars to all students and seven dollars for faculty members and employees. It is an affordable way to see and hear great performances without going far.

“They’re your peers and friends. Why shouldn’t you support them?” said Stevens. “People can’t help but get caught up in the music. You just have to go,” he added.

Reale described this semester as the most exciting in her academic life. “In college, the best thing you can do is take a taste,” she added.

Find out for yourself what all the buzz is about.