CSUN tech fair attracts industry pros and home enthusiasts

Marissa Wallace

Google's Devin Regis gives a presentation on education and technology at CSUN's 2012 Technology Fair. Photo Credit: Marissa Wallace / Staff Writer

The information technology department hosted the second annual Technology Fair at CSUN, Wednesday, to a huge room filled with electronics and tech enthusiasts from all over the state.

This event was geared for the professional math and science tech wizard and for the everyday gadget fans who enjoy learning about new advances and trends in technology.

Attendees also had an opportunity to speak with different vendors and gain knowledge on an array of new products and software.

“We’re trying to give people some personal, practical things that they can use and also to get them to think collectively about ways that we can use technology a little differently,” said Ben Quillian CSUN’s information technology associate vice president.  “This is not geared for the overly technical audience. Many people here are technical, but many are not. We’re just trying to give information that we think will be helpful to the community.”

At this year’s fair Google representative, Devin Regis, presented on the view and role that the company plays in higher education trends.

“We’re not only offering apps for education but also Chromebooks, Google Books and a number of different things to make you more efficient and innovative in the classroom,” said Regis.

During her presentation, Regis suggested different ways that students and faculty can take advantage of the company’s apps, including hosting office hours and lectures by way of a video conference called a “hang out”, so professors and students do not have to leave their own home.

Other presenters included Eric Goldman on cloud computing and  issues of privacy that exist in the cloud.

“Because everyone’s in the cloud, privacy is a big issue. So we’re trying to help educate our community about things that they should be thinking about,” said Quillian.

Vendors included representatives from HP, Dell, Lynda.com, Citrix, Turning Technologies, Echo, Apple and Moodle Rooms.

“Today’s Tech Fair was outstanding,” said Chuck Myers of Moodle Rooms. Great guest speakers. Lots of good questions and answers. I look forward to next year’s Tech Fair.  Hoping to get invited back.”