Councilman Englander proposes LA soda ban

Councilman Englander proposes LA soda ban

Christian Esteban

Councilman Englander looks to ban soda from Los Angeles public spaces. Photo Illustration: Carl Robinette / Editor

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander, a longtime board member of the American Diabetes Association, has proposed a ban on sugary sodas from vending machines in Los Angeles parks and libraries.

The proposal,  which comes after a similar ban in New York,  is a public health concern, combatting the “diabetes epidemic,” Engalnder said in a statement.

“Sodas have been connected to many diseases such as diabetes and obesity,” said Sam Marroquin,  a senior health administration major at CSUN. “Humans can’t, or don’t really control how much we drink. Many abuse sodas, drinking them every day.”

Vending machine owners fear the ban will hurt business, while other opposers of the proposal say it is an overstep of government into a matter of personal choice.

“Banning sodas in parks is over-regulation,” said Shant Mandossian, senior computer science major at CSUN. “The right to drink sodas should belong to the individuals.”

The Los Angeles County Health Department, First Five LA and the American Diabetes Association have all advocated for healthier beverage choices for children in public spaces. They have suggested using unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices, low and non-fat milk, unsweetened milk substitutes and water.

“This measure will not prevent people from bringing sodas into parks,” Englander said.  “It means that the City will be offering healthy choices to kids in its own vending machines at parks.”