Parking structures to be closed for renovations before fall semester

Melissa Simon

Parking and Transportation Services has made plans to renovate certain parking structures during the Summer 2012 session, with renovations finishing just before the start of the fall semester.

In addition to the structure renovations, there will also be “improvements on the main campus,” according to an email sent out by Captain Alfredo Fernandez. The schedule for closures will begin on Aug. 8.

Below is the renovation schedule:
-Structure B3 will be closed Aug. 8 to 12 and the upper levels will close again from Aug. 20 to 24 (lower levels will stay open during this period)
-Etiwanda Avenue southbound will be closed Aug. 11 and 12
-Structure B5 will be closed Aug. 13 to 19
-Structure G3 will have various traffic detours between Aug. 8 and 24 and potential closures of upper levels

Fernandez asked that students “utilize other available structures or lots and plan accordingly to give [themselves] adequate time to park and arrive at [their] destination.”

Fernandez added that “traffic control personnel may be present to re-direct vehicles as needed.”

For more information or any question regarding the closures, Parking and Transportation Services can be reached at 818-677-2157.