Student arrested by Sierra Hall for altercation

Mike Siciliano

A male CSUN student was arrested Feb. 28 on the southwest side of Sierra Hall around 1 p.m., CSUN police said. The student’s name could not be obtained at press time.

Five CSUN officers physically detained the suspect on the lawn by Sierra Hall when he became combative with the arresting officers, said Christina Villalobos, CSUN Public Safety Department spokesperson.

The suspect allegedly tried to spit on and bite an arresting officer.

The suspect struggled and was pinned him face-down, handcuffed him, and had both feet bound.

As officers continued to immobilize the suspect, he repeatedly yelled, “I’m not getting in the fucking car,” followed by “you’re going to get sued.”

Police dispatch received a 9-1-1 call from a staff member in the building at 12:23 p.m. indicating that an altercation broke out, Villalobos said.

The suspect was allegedly involved in an altercation with another male student in a hallway in Sierra Hall after he was unable to get into a study group with a female classmate, Villalobos said.

The altercation took place immediately after an Asian American Studies 350 class, with professor Laura Yuba, and the commotion got the attention of the staff member, police said.

The male student the suspect was fighting with requested that the suspect be arrested by police, Villalobos said.

Police arrived shortly after the call was placed and the suspect was uncooperative with the officers’ requests to follow them into the patrol car, police said.

During the initial arrest the suspect was heard screaming, “I didn’t resist!”

Officers left the scene shortly after abotu 1:30 p.m.