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Klotz health center can be helpful resource to students

Photo illustration: Kat Russell/ Multimedia Editor

As the pitfalls of the economic system pressure college students to fend for themselves, CSUN supplies an oasis in the desert of the dramatic health insurance debacle: The Klotz Student Health Center.

The Klotz is a two-story brick building located on a quiet hill on the east side of campus. Upon entry, students are greeted with a smile and may lounge on couches while watching flat screen TVs during their short, if any, wait time.

Services offered at the center range from massage therapy to substance abuse counseling to acupuncture. Many of the services are free, including in-house x-rays, basic cold and flu care and annual physical exams.

Typically pricey services such as chiropractic care, optometry, dental work, podiatry, gynecology, physical therapy, dermatology and acupuncture are offered at the center for extremely low-cost per-visit fees (as low as $5).

Candice Hansard, 25, a psychology major, used the acupuncture services at the center.
“The acupuncture was a great way to relax during finals, and I will definitely go again,” Hansard said.

Students seeking pregnancy prevention may even be eligible for free birth control if they apply for the Family PACT Program [Planning Access Care Treatment] through the center.

Students are encouraged to make appointments online through the Klotz booking website, From there, students can update information forms prior to any appointments rather than conquering stacks of paperwork in the office.

The facilities have been transitioned into the digital age with computers in every exam room, and the offices phased out most paper records.

Each of the computers in the lab rooms update in real time, so a doctor can view a patient’s record immediately after another physician in a different department has entered new information.  Student records are kept confidential and are not tied to a student’s parents or academic record.

Dr. Robert Patterson, a chiropractor at the center for three years, finds the Klotz Student Health Center a very enjoyable place to offer his services.

“This is a very unique multi-disciplinary environment where we have literally everything here,” Patterson said. “We are very committed to all of the students.”

The Klotz does not accept health insurance, but rather offers a flat-rate price for a wide array of services. With this system, a student only has to worry about payments on a case-by-case basis with no monthly dues beyond tuition.

Joshua Mendoza, 25, a history major, is a senior at CSUN who has yet to visit the center.

“I already have insurance, so I just use that to see a doctor,” Mendoza said.

Mendoza knew of the Klotz, but he wasn’t aware of the low pricing.

“Now that I know how cheap the center is, I definitely want to check it out,” Mendoza said.

Although the center is a great resource for students on campus, Sharon L. Aronoff, health educator at the center, recommends that students maintain health insurance for extra coverage or emergencies. CSUN offers student health insurance plans through Associated Students.

A student may even be able to take receipts from the center to an insurance company for reimbursement depending on the policy. Aronoff cautions this reimbursement is not guaranteed, but definitely possible.

“We have some of the best resources on this campus than anywhere else,” Aronoff said.

She has been with the center for over 12 years and hopes more students take advantage of this convenient on-campus treasure.

“The important thing isn’t having more time but making the best use of the time you have,” Aronoff said.

Even though many students are busy with high-demand classes, jobs and internships, the Klotz exists to improve students’ lives.