Northridge travels to Canada and wins convincingly

Ammons Smith

The Matadors took a six-day trip to Canada to play four exhibition games which they won by a combined 144 points.

Matadors’ guard Josh Greene attempts a free throw during a road trip to Canada. Photo courtesy of CSUN athletics

“The least important part of this trip is winning,” said head coach Bobby Braswell before the trip. “The players need to bond together and build a rapport.”

Braswell is entering his 17th season with one of the youngest teams  in the nation.

“This was the youngest team in America last year; we will probably be the youngest this year,” he said.

He explained the international game can be rugged and is looking forward to the players getting a cultural experience since most have never been to Canada before.

“Our team is pretty balanced,” Braswell said. “Everyone will be able to contribute.”

Junior Josh Greene, the team’s second-leading scorer last season, wants to improve on his playmaking abilities by getting his teammates involved.

“I need to be a better defensive player and an overall leader for the team,” he said. “We have been able to maintain a high level of focus even when we’re tired. It will be a great experience looking forward to bonding with the team.”