Congressman Brad Sherman joins CSUN to celebrate transit station

Congressman Brad Sherman joins CSUN to celebrate transit station

Sigournee Grondin

Christian Perez, 22, a psychology major waits at the new transit bus hub located near Bayramian Hall on August 19. Sigournee/ Daily Sundial

CSUN will be celebrating its recently opened transit station today with Congressman Brad Sherman.

He will be joined by L.A. City Councilman Mitch Englander and CSUN President Dianne Harrison.

The transit center only allows buses to enter, cutting down traffic around the area.

Alfredo Fernandez, captain of Parking and Transportation, said the money spent for the new transit center came from a transportation grant.

The approximate total of the project was $490,000. The Federal Transit Administration grant covered $392,000 of it, said Colin Donahue, associate vice president of Facilities Development and Operations.

The bus stops on campus outside of Bayramian Hall. Bus schedules can be found on the Los Angeles Department of Transportation website.

Cpt. Fernandez noted that it is necessary for buses to stop on campus because it provides students, faculty and staff a convenient alternative to using vehicles.

“It is also a great opportunity for all of us to do our part to reduce the university’s carbon footprint,” he said.

Christian Perez, a 22-year-old psychology major, said the stop on campus is closer for him.

“I used to get off on Nordhoff and Reseda,” Perez said. “It was a five to 10 minute walk to my classes.”

Parking passes cost $360 for the academic school year for students.

Now, commuting students can park their cars near a bus station and take the bus to campus. Students who are interested in taking the bus can buy a transportation pass at the Associated Students Ticket Office.

“Faculty, staff and students can take advantage of subsidized opportunities available. Since gas prices continue to rise, the obvious advantage is lowering your fuel consumption and you don’t need to buy a $360 permit,” Fernandez said. “This is a win-win for everyone. Convenient alternative transportation that reduces traffic in and around the campus provides an opportunity to save money when students’ budgets are tight.”

Fernandez also noted that all the buses run on clean burning fuel. Students can park on Dearborn and Reseda, Dearborn and Darby, Vincennes and Darby and Lindley and Devonshire. It is important that students check all street signs to ensure they do not get a parking ticket or towed. Students should not park in any parking lots surrounding campus without a pass.