CFA approves new faculty contract

Gabrielle Moreira

The California Faculty Association members ratified the tentative faculty contract between the CFA and the CSU system on Friday.

CFA members and the CSU have been in negotiations on a contract since June 2010 when the last contract expired. As of August, a tentative agreement on a new contract was created, but needed ratification from both parties.

After three weeks of voting, 91 percent of CFA members voted in favor of the new contract, according to a CFA press release from Aug. 31.

The new agreement saves members from pay cuts and layoffs, provides better procedures for sabbaticals and teacher evaluations, and gives priority to pay raises for faculty who were scheduled to receive raises in 2008.

The CFA can also begin negotiations with the CSU board of trustees for salary increases for all other members in early October.

The contract will still need approval by the CSU board of trustees, who are scheduled to vote on Sept. 18-19. If approved, the contract will be effective until June 2014.