A new drink recipe: Fruit stripe gum cocktail

Christina Cocca

Reminiscing over your favorite 90s snacks is difficult when they are rarely seen in stores. When was the last time you saw a case of Mondo, a box of Dunkaroos or, my favorite, a pack of Fruit Stripe Gum?

Now you can have the joy of Fruit Stripe Gum in your adult life with the Fruit Stripe Cocktail. Get ready, kids.

One part Vanilla Vodka OR Whipped Cream Vodka
Two parts Mixed Berry Flavored Sparkling Water (I had the Sparkling Mineral Water from Trader Joe’s)
One part orange juice
A squeeze or two of lime juice
Pour over ice, mix, sip and be amazed at the taste of Fruit Stripe Gum in liquid.

I thought of this after I had gotten home from a night out and didn’t want the party to stop. I had all of the things listed and decided to combine them.

I realized it tasted exactly like Fruit Stripe Gum, which I knew quickly since I had miraculously found a pack of Fruit Stripe Gum weeks before. As a fanatic of that little zebra on the rainbow box, I was thoroughly impressed!