Associated Students working on resolution to support Proposition 30

Associated Students working on resolution to support Proposition 30

Hansook Oh

A.S. President Sydni Powell encourages senate body to do full research on Prop. 30 and other propositions on the Nov. ballot. Photo credit: Karla Henry / Contributor

The Associated Students discussed passing a possible resolution in support of Proposition 30, Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative that would increase sales and income taxes, and raise more money for higher education.Senator Sarah Garcia, representing the college of education and the A.S. External Affairs committee, announced that she authored a draft of the resolution. However, Powell reminded the senate body to review the text of the bill and consider the possible outcomes before supporting or opposing it.

“It’s important to know both sides first,” said Powell.

Until the resolution is passed by the senate body, A.S. does not have an official stance on Proposition 30.

In other news, the A.S. is preparing for “We the People,” a political event that will take place next Thursday, Oct. 4 in various places on campus. About 50 speakers, including CSUN Professor Raul Bocanegra and Los Angeles councilman Richard Alarcon, who are both running to represent the 39th district for the California State Assembly; Congressman Brad Sherman and Congressman Howard Berman, both competing for the San Fernando congressional district; various representatives for the different propositions on the November ballot; and CSUN clubs and orgs.

According to Powell, writers and producers from The Daily Show were expected to host a satirical political show on Friday, Oct. 5, at the Valley Performing Arts Center, but those plans fell through.