CSUN students see professional comedians in action at Laugh Your Class Off

CSUN students see professional comedians in action at Laugh Your Class Off

Donna Rodriguez

Headlining comedian, Jason Collings, performed at CSUN’s Laugh Your Class Off at the USU Games Room on Friday, which will be a monthly event. Photo credit: Anna Ayvazyan / Contributor

CSUN students attended Laugh Your Class Off Friday to watch professional comedians.

“These events bring all the students together and socialize,” said Ashley Du, USU games room commercial service attendant.

Laugh Your Class Off is held an event held every semester where stand-up comedians come to CSUN to make students laugh. The USU hosts this event on the last Friday of every month at the USU Games Room as a way for students to enjoy themselves and to have a good time.

Andy Kwong, sophomore film major, attended the event hoping to get some laughs.

“I want to see if Northridge has any good laughs,” Kwong said.

The USU Games Room filled up with approximately 80 people for the event, according to Victor Molina, USU games room commercial attendant. They waited in line for free pizza before taking a seat for the performance.

Nelson Ventress, the host of the show, introduced the comedians that included Jared Levin, Zoltan Kaszas, Jason Collings and guest David Dorward.

Kaszas has been trying to put together a college tour and CSUN was one of the schools that said yes to him.

“I enjoy very much doing what I do, mostly because I suck at everything else,” Kaszas said.

Kaszas would like to come back next month to perform again for CSUN students.

“I’d like to come back,” Kaszas said. “Cancel the other comedians and I’ll definitely come back.”

This was a good turnout for the first performance of the semester, according to Molina.

“We are hoping by the time the next (Laugh Your Class Off) comes around there will be more people, at least around the hundreds,” Molina said.