Students learn about studying abroad

Students learn about studying abroad

Sigournee Grondin

Rosa Moreno, Academic Coordinator for Global Education and Career Development Abroad answers questions for Brenda Esqueda on Oct. 10. Esqueda had a lot of questions regarding studying abroad in Spain. “I do want to minor in Spanish and I am Mexican so I’d feel more comfortable there. I’d feel a connection with my ancestors,” said Esqueda. Photo credit: Sigournee Grondin / Daily Sundial


The USU held a study abroad fair in the Grand Salon on Wednesday where students could obtain information on studying abroad and scholarships that could potentially help pay for it.

The fair had booths set up for different study abroad programs and advisors were on hand to answer any questions regarding prices, school credit and past student experiences. Students were given a mock passport and would receive a sticker for every booth they visited. Once they had at least three stickers, they were eligible for free food, including hummus and pita bread.

Mai Tran, the assistant to chairman and regional director for West Coast operation at Global Maximum Educational Opportunities, Inc., was available to students who wanted information on studying in China.

“All credits are transferable and speaking Chinese isn’t required,” she said. “I always have to tell students this.”

Students are encouraged to attend information sessions early if they are serious about studying abroad.

Juliet Aylmer, the Study Abroad and National Student Exchange advisor, was one of the main coordinators for the fair.

“Why wouldn’t they (study abroad)?” Aylmer said. “It looks great on resumes. Everybody, if they possibly can, should have a global experience I’m really pushing freshman to attend my information sessions so they can begin planning.”

Students were excited at the prospect of spending a summer or semester in a new country.

Courtney Brown, 20, is an anthropology student, attended the fair with friends.

“I’d want to go to England or France because I wouldn’t have to learn a new language and France because it’s beautiful,” said Brown.