Two media vendors provide services, TVs to CSUN

OnTay Johnson

The University Student Union Board of Directors approved a proposal by MTV Networks and The University Network to offer CSUN broadcasting services to various facilities around campus in Fall 2006.

MTV Networks is extending its contract with the USU by offering to set up televisions and the necessary equipment to receive the broadcast mtvU at various locations at CSUN, such as the Pub Sports Grill, the Fitness Center, the USU Games room, the Satellite Student Union and Geronimo’s.

The University Network will provide up to two 40-inch flat-screen displays at no charge. The University Network will also produce up to three full-motion video announcements per screen per week at no charge, and CSUN will be able to produce CSUN-related material, said Debra Hammond, USU executive director.

“In addition to that, we will be able to make our own DVD videos,” Hammond said. “So if we want to advertise a program or something, we can broadcast it there … .We might be able to have students do their own thing and be able to broadcast it to our facilities.”

Hammond said the USU would receive $3,000 a year from the networks along with the capability to produce its own broadcast.

Jeremy Hamlett, commercial service manager of the USU, said that the money is from both networks.

MtvU will provide $2,000, Hamlett said. The University Network will provide about $1,000.

Hamlett said he has to do all the paperwork now that the board of directors has approved the proposals and believes that the proposal would be in effect by Fall 2006.

Some students believe that the addition of the flat screens TVs could spruce up areas, such as the Pub.

Thomas Gilber, third-year music media composition major, said he looks forward to seeing more broadcasts at the Pub.

“It would bring a lot more people (to the Pub),” he said. “I think it still brings people (now). I come here a lot.”

First-time Pub visitor, Ernest Badounts, third-year sociology major, said the school needs broadcasting services.

“It needs more entertainment,” he said. “It would make it more fun and make it more of an university.”

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