College of Education holds networking event for students and faculty

Mayra Escobedo

The Equity and Student Affairs Committee from the college of education held their “Fall back in love with the COE” event to give students and faculty an opportunity to network with each other Tuesday.

The event was put together as a way to welcome students back and give them an opportunity to mingle with students and faculty from the different specializations within the college, said Vanessa Goodwin, co-chair for the Equity and Student Affairs Committee and assistant professor for special education.

“It helps enhance the quality of student life and shows our appreciation for them,” said Joannie Busillo-Aguayo, co-chair for the Equity and Student Affairs Committee.

The event had a turnout of about 50 students.

“We are so pleased at the turn out,” said Goodwin. “That all the different specializations were represented and that faculty came out.”

Josh Brown, 24, special education master’s student, said that he was compelled to attend the event because he felt that it would be an interesting educational experience.

“It’s a unique opportunity to meet other people in the different programs in the College of Education and interact with professors with whom I would not interact,” said Brown.

Faye Nahm, 27, special education graduate student, attended the event to support her professors who were hosting and to meet people from the different departments within the College of Education.

“It’s a good opportunity to meet our representatives, professors, for networking and to get free food,” said Nahm. “It’s nice to be in an environment with like minded people and interact outside of the classroom.”

In addition to networking, students were able to get information from booths from The Blues Project, the Klotz Health Center, USU and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

The Blues Project is a peer education program aiming to educate students about suicide and the different types of depression.

“We thought it would be a great opportunity to reach more students and to get as much information out there as we can,” said Kelsi Bjorseth, 20, senior liberal studies major and Blues Project member.

The Center for Teaching and Learning informed students about an educational conference that it’s hosting March 22.

“We are here telling students what is available to them because a lot of students don’t know that we have a center for teaching and learning,” said Wendy Murawski, chair of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Monique Cantu, 27, junior psychology major, attended the event with her class and stopped to check out the Blues Project and other some of the other booths set up.

“It’s a good experience to meet a lot of interesting people,” said Cantu. “The Blues Project was great and I’m really interested in getting involved with them.”