CSUN students line up to vote

Gabrielle Moreira

Students wait in line to vote at the Satellite Student Union on Nov. 6. Photo credit: Gabrielle Moreira / Daily Sundial

More than 50 students waited in line at the Satellite Student Union Tuesday to vote either for the first time or once again for the presidential election.

Some students, like Taylor Barker, are voting for the first time. Barker, a freshman liberal studies major, said her beliefs and research helped shape her votes and thinks Barack Obama will win a second term.

“Most people I talk to said they were voting for him,” Barker said. “He’s done a good job so far and has stuck to what he’s said.”

Other students said their classes or TV programs, such as The Daily Show, shaped their votes.

“I watch a lot of Current TV, MSNBC, CNN and other news networks,” said Bryson Wallace. “The Colbert Report and The Daily Show have helped me out, too.”

Wallace, junior recreation and tourism management major, hopes that voters are well informed on the issues before they cast their ballots, especially regarding Proposition 30.

“Hopefully (proposition) 30 will pass because it’s meant to help the students,” he said. “If people are informed I don’t see why it wouldn’t pass.”