Matadors voice their views on Prop. 30

Donna Rodriguez

Do you want Proposition 30 to pass? Do you think it actually will?


Amanda Mcarthur, lingustics grad student
“I don’t actually know the text but sometimes it comes down to the quality of education.”


Andrew Nelson, junior computer science major
“Yes, school’s education is priority. I think more people are recognizing how college can affect their future and (the future) of others.”


Cassandra Irvin, sophomore sociology major
“Yes, I cant afford school if it doesn’t pass. Actually I do believe it will pass, because a lot of people care about their education.”


George Stewart, sophomore business management major
“Yes, because we are already struggling students, so any proposition will help. There are a lot of people who care so I think the message got out.”


Lina Vartan, junior psychology major
“If it does what it says it’s going to do, I want it to pass. I do think it will pass because California is very democratic.”


Maria Avitia, undecided freshman
“Yes, I think whoever is running the money aren’t using it for schools. A lot of people from school are voting then it will pass.”


Nick Cane, junior film major
“I think it will pass but the biggest problem is Proposition 38.”


Talar Kabadawan, junior psychology major
“Yes, even if we vote no we wont get the money, so if vote yes there is a possibility.”