Exchange temporarily moved to north side of CSUN, new features in works

Jillian Ballard

With the hustle and bustle of the first days of school, many students probably have not noticed a major change to the north side of campus. If you have classes in the education building or Juniper Hall, then you might have noticed that something is missing.

The Exchange has been moved to the Bank building, or Building “B.” The building is adjacent to Sagebrush Hall, home to many art department classes.

The quad-wide trailer, which was left over from the 1994 Northridge earthquake, is now gone. Construction began in late June for the building of a new eating area called the Arbor Court and Arbor Grill.

The new site will have approximately 4,000 square feet of shaded outdoor seating, vines will be built up the sides and there will be misters built in, like those near the Matador Bookstore.

Similar to the Exchange, Arbor Court will have a convenience store with lots of beverages and snacks.

The Arbor Grill will serve pizza and hamburgers, have a deli for sandwiches and, for the first time on campus, feature an international grill.

The exact menu has not been determined yet, but according to Dave Nirenberg, director of commercial services for the University Corporation, there will be fresh salads made daily. The Arbor Grill will also offer organic food.

The fourth and final Freudian Sip will be at the Arbor Court and will be similar to the others except that there will be no inside seating at this coffee shop. Dipped ice cream will be served at the Freudian Sip as well.

“The Exchange was always meant to be temporary,” said Thomas McCarron, executive director of the University Corporation.

“We knew that we needed a more permanent location on that side of campus,” said McCarron.

The Arbor Court/Grill will be a stone structure encased in large glass windows, covering the food area and the convenience store.

“It will be a beautiful building,” said McCarron.

The temporary Exchange is a little bigger and serves everything as before except for Mexican food.

“We’re extremely excited,” said Nirenberg. “It will be a nice, permanent addition to the north side of the campus.”

Signs are up to direct students to the temporary location of the Exchange in the Bank building.

The Arbor Court/Grill will be opened in Fall 2007.