A.S. comments on CSU chancellor’s pay cut

Agnes Constante

Vice President Christopher Woolett presides over the Associated Students meeting. The topic was on new CSU Chancellor Timothy White’s request for a 10 percent salary reduction.

The Associated Students discussed the request of new CSU Chancellor Timothy White for a 10 percent salary reduction during its meeting on Friday at the Grand Salon.

“It’s a fairly big deal,” said Vice President Christopher Woolett. “I think the message is at this point we shouldn’t be focusing on compensation. We need to be focusing on the bigger issues. There are a lot facing the CSU, still.”

Woolett presided Friday’s meeting, as President Sydni Powell was absent. Powell was attending an event where attendees discussed how students learn in classrooms.

Faculty adviser Tom Piernik said White’s salary cut debunks the widespread business belief that talent is only secured in the marketplace based on one’s salary.

“It would be my hope that students view this quite positively, and to continue to press the positive affirmation that are making such a decision to take 10 percent less of one’s salary is certainly a noble act,” he said. “But it signals a bigger issue about the quality of individuals who rise to these leadership positions.”

A.S. also unanimously approved the constitutions of two clubs and appointed Daniel Kesner, a third-year CTVA major, to the elections committee.

The Computer Science and Technology Club aims to encourage high school and college students to pursue careers in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) fields.

The Tzu Chi Collegiate Student Association aims to inspire students and the community to spread awareness of social issues, such as the shortage of medical services for those underprivileged and homeless.