Students zumba away stress during Beat the Blues Week

Danielle Hale

This week is Beat the Blues week, and it is being kicked off with the counseling groups BLUES, JADE, and DATE set up at different locations around campus at CSUN. In an attempt to help raise awareness about suicide and depression, all week different events and speakers will be on campus.

Beat the Blues Week is sponsored by The Blues Project, which is “a peer education program on campus. I’m wearing blue to help promote it,” said Elayne Woods, a third year interior design student and peer member of the Blue’s Project.

Woods is teaching Beat the Blues Zumba at the SRC Monday night.

According to the Blues Project, in the United States, someone attempts suicide every 17 minutes. All week, CSUN wants to help promote student wellness.

Zumba classes are taught every week at the SRC, and this week the Blues Project is sponsoring the Monday night class.

“Throughout this class, try and realize that there are a lot of people out there suffering. But also know that you can always help someone who is feeling depressed. Now, who’s ready to ZUMBA?” said Woods.

Beat the Blues Zumba is a fun and exciting way to help reduce stress.

“Exercising is a great way to help me fight out my anger and stress. Zumba is so much fun, it’s like a party, and you can’t be sad at a party,” said Dynasty Machedo, a second year undeclared student at CSUN.

Norma Garcia, a recent CSUN marketing graduate, comes to the Zumba classes on campus because “exercising helps me get away from things.”

“When you are dancing and exercising, it takes your mind off of everything else,” said Garcia.

Most people widely acknowledge that exercise helps reduce stress, and most scientists agree. The correlation between exercising and depression has been studied by professionals for decades.

Exercising seems to release endorphins and chemical levels of serotonin in the brain. These help create feelings of euphoria and reduce stress and help fight depression. Exercising also helps create a more positive self image, so it is good for the body and mind.

Beat the Blues Zumba will be back on Wednesday at the SRC in the Motivation Studio for round two.