Letter to the editor


In response to the article “Play the blame game, once again” by Jeremy Foster published on Oct. 3.

According to the article, Clinton was insinuated during an interview as the one politician truly responsible for the influx of terrorists and terrorist act on American and the world in general. The author tactfully wrote on behalf of Mr. Clinton, stating that in response he ‘rightfully scoffed’ and quickly pointed the finger right back at the republicans as the responsible party for the suffering that the Americans have endured. As far as I am concerned blaming anyone is pointless. What could, should or would have been done to theoretically help the situation is already past; so to interrogate any politician on their past failures is quite frankly a waste of my time and their breath. I don’t honestly care about what was done as much as I care about what will. Because what will be done is what can make or break my future not only as an American citizen but as a citizen of the world. So for those of you who feel the need to defend one party or the other as the all knowing, all caring, completely just party – go right ahead and waste the page. Because in the end, they all have failed their public. And until they care for us, I don’t believe any deserve to be thought of as the “right party.”

– Ashley Cobb,

Communication Studies Major