Board of trustees meeting agenda tables fee increases

Gabrielle Moreira

Three proposed fees, expected to speed up students’ paths to graduation, have been tabled indefinitely by the California State University board of trustees. They will now discuss Gov. Jerry Brown’s CSU investment budget proposal.

The board will discuss their support budget request to the state of $371.9 million and an investment proposal by Brown, who has proposed an investment budget of $125.1 million for the CSU system.

As part of the investment plan, Brown wants $10 million allocated to online solutions to help students pass high-demand courses.

The proposed fees were originally on the agenda for the board’s Tuesday-Wednesday meetings, but have since been tabled and will not be discussed unless the governor’s office recommends the board revisit the fees, according to a revised agenda.

The proposed fees would have affected graduating seniors, students who register in more than 18 units and students who repeated courses. Students with more than 160 units would have faced a $372 unit fee, while students who enrolled in more than 18 units faced $182 per unit. Any students who repeated a course would have been charged $91 per unit.

This will also be Timothy P. White’s first meeting as the new CSU chancellor.

At the Nov. 13-14 2012 meeting White requested a 10 percent reduction in his salary bringing it to $380,000. Students and faculty who attended the meeting praised White and said it was a step in the right direction.

White had been expected to take former Chancellor Charles B. Reed’s salary of $421,500. Reed announced his retirement last year in May.

Before being named the new chancellor on Oct. 4 2012, White was chancellor at UC Riverside and had expanded the campus by 21,000 students, according to a previous Sundial article on White.