VRC Welcomes Back Student Vets

Bob Garcia

The Veteran’s Resource Center held a two hour event where military veteran CSUN students could learn more about the resources that are available to them on Wednesday.

The VRC is a facility that was established Fall 2012 that helps CSUN veteran students make a shift over from their military service to college. The center provides students with resources like peer mentoring, support groups and a lounge space where they can study at one of the two computer workstations.

“We felt that this event would be a good opportunity for (veteran students) to learn about resources that are available on campus, get involved and meet other veteran students,” said Monteigne Long, coordinator for the Veterans Resource Center.

There are 40 new student veterans that are transferring to CSUN this spring semester, according to Long.

Christopher Gonzalez, a senior at CSUN who spent 6 years in the Army, attended the VRC event in hopes to further his knowledge about what Cal State Northridge has to offer.

“I know there are some good resources here on campus that I do not know about,” said Gonzalez.. “There are a lot of people here with different connections in different things so its always good to establish a good network.”

Gonzalez plans on using the Klotz student health center, Vet center and continue his involvement with the Student Veterans organization.

Julien Pham, a senior at CSUN who has spent 5 1/2 years in the Marines, was also looking to see what resources Northridge has to offer to military veterans.

“Going to CSUN with the establishment of the VRC they are trying to push to students who are veterans to come by, get to know benefit and if you need help they can point you in the right direction. said Pham. “And this is something I was looking forward to coming to, this event.”

Pham plans on using the University Counseling services and becoming a part of the Student Veteran Organization.

In attendance at the event were representatives from Student Veteran organization, Veteran services admissions & records, Klotz Student health center, Vet Center, Student Resource Center and the disability resources and educational services.