A.S. scraps plans to remodel front office

Adolfo Flores

After almost two hours, Associated Students held their last meeting during which they gave out a total of $8,950 to clubs, organizations and themselves while also passing several resolutions that would go into the next semester.

A move, backed by President Miguel Segura, to remodel the front desk was also shot down after concerns from several of the senators that the timing for such a move wasn’t right.

Segura wanted to remodel office since it hadn’t been remodeled in twelve years and the desks used in the senator’s offices were too bulky among other issues.

‘I understand that the office hasn’t been remodeled in over 12 years, but if you think about it right now is not the time and we don’t have enough money,’ said senator Luis Carbajo.

While senators Carbajo and Abel Pacheco suggested that the renovation of the front office be turned into a two-step process, thereby only spending a portion of the costs now the measure was completely dismissed.

A resolution by the University Affairs committee to set aside at least five rooms for the Deaf Studies Department to use was also passed. The resolution also stated that rooms would be renovated with consultation from the department and would be available for use no later than the fall of 2009.

Another resolution was passed; it would compensate the finance committee’s work as they prepare the annual budget for the 2009-2010 school year. It was created as an incentive to keep them on, since it takes a lot of time to train someone new said Sam Scruggs.

‘It would pretty much compensate them for the 40 hours they would be putting in’hellip;they help speed along the bureaucracy and allows for different points of views,’ Scruggs said.

‘The finance committee plays a central part in assisting senators in making the best decisions in allocating money to clubs and organizations.’

The policies committee, headed by senator Andrew Collard, passed a resolution amending the number of times a senator can be absent in the by-laws so that they’re parallel with their constitution.

‘It’s already in the constitution so we just wanted to make sure we’re concurrent with our constitution,’ Collard said.

The resolution stated that a senator could have three unexcused absences or five absences total. These must also be recorded in the minutes, should a senator exceed the number of allowed absences they will have to vacate their seat. However, exceptions can be made with the A.S. President.

The Blues Project, a peer suicide prevention program, run by University Counseling, was awarded $2,100.

‘I think we should allocate the money because they are doing a great job and service for students,’ said senator Montana Pham.

The Following Clubs’ and Organizations’
Constitutions Were Passed:

‘bull; CSUN Triathlon Team
‘bull; Basketball Club?
‘bull; CSUN Paintball?
‘bull; Minerva Leadership Organization
‘bull; Swedish Student Club?
‘bull; Bachelor of Science Nursing Student Association?
‘bull; Chinese Student Association?


‘bull; Recreation Management Association $1,100
‘bull; Minerva Leadership Organization $1,100
‘bull; Society of Women Engineers $2,400
‘bull; Blues Project $2,100
‘bull; Finance Committee $2,250 for their annual budget stipends and amenities

Appointments to election committee:
‘bull; Sarah Edman
‘bull; Qundeel Khattak
‘bull; John Takashima