Students laugh stress away with Laugh Your Class Off

Shaleeka Powell

Laugh Your Class Off, a free monthly comedy show with professional comedians, entertains students who may have had a long first week of school.

Nelson Ventress, comedian and host of the 1st event of the semester, introduced professional comedians Chris Gardner, Hampton Yount and Allen Cunningham, who was also the headliner.

Gardner, a comedian for almost two years and CSUN alumnus, said he participated in this event for a good time.

“This is a way to forget about school and let out steam,” he said. “I get my material from my life, opinions, observations and thoughts,” Gardner said.

Ventress said he hoped the event would entertain CSUN students.

Students also enjoyed free pizza and music provided by CSUN’s D.J. Kamikaze, resident D.J. for USU game room events.

Tabitha Sanchez, freshman communication studies major, said she attended this event for the first time with hopes of getting a good laugh and was eager to see what it had to offer.

“I plan to laugh of course and wouldn’t mind being inspired and meeting new friends,” Sanchez said.

Ventress said hosting is his favorite part of the event. “It’s a way for me to work on new material,” he said. “I love to make people laugh.”

The next Laugh Your Class Off event is Feb 22.