Career Center looks for student tutors

Career Center looks for student tutors

Kevin Kiani

Mercedes Fullmer, a political science major, and Luis Fragoza, a bio-chemistry major, look to get a jobs as student tutors. Photo credit: Brian Andrade / Contributor

The Career Center hosted a hiring day looking for student tutors with another a tutoring organization, The Academic Advantage.

Students who came to the Career Center were put into a classroom of 30 where they were given a brief introduction by a member of the tutoring organization.

Each classroom session lasted 20 minutes and students turned in their applications and résumés as they left.

Sarah Le Long, event coordinator for the Career Center, said she was pleased with the outcome.

“We ended up right where we hoped,” Le Long said. “We’ve had a steady flow of students show up today and whenever one class was done, we had another 30 on hand ready to go in.”

“The Academic Advantage” is an organization that is partnered with the No Child Left Behind Act and offers tutoring for students.

“The Academic Advantage” is looking for 1,000 students from CSUN to become tutors and must have at least two years of college credit and a personal automobile, Le Long said.

Mark Maramba, 24, senior mechanical engineering major, is hoping to get hired as a tutor.

“I want to apply the stuff I learned in college and help a student succeed,” Maramba said. “This hiring day was pretty straight-forward, they told you everything you need to know.”