Smelly study session in Oviatt Library

Jorge Neri

A strong sewer smell ran from the first floor to the fourth of the Oviatt Library Monday night which caused some students to leave earlier than they had planned.

Sam Van Buskirk, 31, manager of the Freudian Sip and a civil engineering major, said that it smelled because they are exchanging the used water of a septic tank with clean water.

“It’s a convention of milk and hot water of eight hours sitting on a tank,” Van Buskirk said. “It won’t smell like this tomorrow.”

Van Buskirk said that this process is done every night and although it smells every time they do it, he didn’t know why it smelled so bad that night.

“It’s kind of irritating, it throws you out of focus,” said Daniel Ramos, 20, a screen writing major and part of the circulation department at the Oviatt Library. He said that today was the first time he noticed it. He first smelled it at 1 p.m.

Mohammed Alassaf, 19, finance major said that if it happened every night he wouldn’t go in.

Van Buskirk said that he could not wait for the summer renovations because the Freudian Sip will have a station instead of a kiosk. He added that the renovations will be ready by this fall.