Former candidate Austin Beutner to moderate VPAC mayoral debate

Spencer Kilgore

Former Los Angeles First Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner will be moderating tomorrow’s mayoral debate at CSUN’s Valley Performing Arts Center with a different approach.

“So far there hasn’t been a very (subsistent) discussion about many of the issues (such as) public safety, transportation, the budget (and) education,” he said.

Dropping out of the mayoral race last May in order to tend to his family life, Beutner said this debate will be slightly different than others for that reason.

“This (one) is a little free-formed. The candidates have agreed that I can follow up on their responses as I see fit,” Beutner said.

He said that in order to draw out the actual differences in the candidates, a real conversation must be had, not just the repetition of campaign platitudes on a set number of topics.

“I think if we start working to solve problems rather than just talking about them in Los Angeles we can make a difference for our communities as a whole,” Beutner said.