Photo Essay: Inauguration Day

Jillian Shayer

La Teisha Anderson, 19, Public Health Sophomore is very excited about the new President.’ ‘It’s so exciting because I never thought we’d have a black President,’ Anderson said.’ ‘It makes me want to work harder.’

It makes me feel everything is possible,’ said Harriet Laing, 25, Biology Senior.

‘The speech was excellent,’ said George Fekaris, 27, Creative Writer Senior, who listened to Obama’s speech on KCRW this morning.’ ‘I was moved and inspired and really felt his commitment to changes I want to see happen.’

‘I hope he can follow through on all he promised,’ said John Venegas, 22, Creative Writer Junior.’ ‘I wonder if any of it can really happen.’

‘I have high hopes but medium expectations,’ Venegas said.

‘My fear is that we are putting everything into one man and he is only one man,’ Heather Miller, 36, School Psychology Senior said.