Students compete against each other on Valentine’s Day for Couples Game Night

Terese Torgersen

Ten students competed against each other as part of Couple’s Game Night for Valentine’s Day in the USU Games Room.

The event and free pizza made it the perfect Valentine’s Day activity for students on a college budget, student Elena Lomeli said.

“It’s a different bonding experience than going to the movie or having dinner,” Lomeli said.

Students competed in four different games from billboards to table tennis to console games and the couple that received the most points won a gift card to Stonefire Grill.

Students Shawn Recinos and Renelle Baluyot were the winners of the Couples Game Night tournament.

Recinos, senior mechanical engineering major, was happy to win the tournament and receive the gift card, but wished more students had participated.

“I wish there were more people so I could have felt more satisfied,” Recinos said.

Recinos used to spend Valentine’s Day alone, but decided to make a change this year.

“(Valentine’s Day is a) nice day to express love, not that you can’t express love any other day,” Recinos said.

Stephanie Quiñonez, freshman criminology major, celebrated her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend, Malachi Standford, freshman engineering major..

“(You) should treat the person special all the time and not just (for) one day,” Stanford said.